The Trouble with Uther

Uther was supposed to ship May 2022. I finished the first draft Dec 2021. Feedback was universally bad. It was too abstract, complex, and involved too painful deaths of beloved characters.

So I wrote it again, got covid, lost the thread and had to start yet again. These weren’t rewrites, but just abandoning the book and starting again from the original plot outline.

There still is a painful death of a beloved character. That character was always supposed to die when I had my original vision for the four books. I have simplified the plot by trimming the battles around Utopia. I think Utopia might deserve its own book, or at least its own short story.

I generally do 10-15 rewrites. I did 17 on this one. I will be sending the new version to editor and beta readers in the next two weeks.

I apologize to those who waited so patiently for the next installment in the Icor Tales. It is coming!

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