Three Icor Tales Books Published and One Coming

They Came By Night: Book 1 of the Icor Tales

1500 years after the fall of the ancients with their science a medieval style civilization has arisen amid a new power made possible by the last invention of science… magic. Swept away into a world at war, Sam finds himself wounded and rescued by an odd looking metallic creature who rebuilds Sam’s body.

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In the Hall of the Ancients: Book 2 of the Icor Tales

New evils arise to join old ones. New wars must be fought. New alliances must be made. New kinds of magical creatures join forces to support or to oppose the destruction of humanity.

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Dragons Awake : Book 3 of the Icor Tales

The great barrier has fallen, and now Bestich is ready to deliver his death blow to the tribes of man aided by his large armies, crimson wizards, one hundred dragons and the miles long. Magic itself has turned on mankind.
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Uther: Book 4 of the Icor Tales

Coming in 2022

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