Deleted Excerpt from Book 3

The First Demon Encountered

[This is from Rose’s perspective]

It was heart warming to see how concerned those left on the other side of the barrier were.  They think we are too young and inexperienced to make it on our own.  It is kind of sweet really…

              She realized their expressions looked almost panicking. They were looking up the valley. She turned and saw a group of thirty men running towards them.  They were all wearing heavy green cloaks with large hoods, so their faces were hard to see.

              “Sam, some people have come to say hello,” she said.

              Yurkin chuckled.  “I think they’ve come for a snack.”

              “He’s right,” said Sam.  “Remember there are vampires and demons on this side of the barrier,”

              She then realized the men were moving remarkably fast; faster than a human could run.  Some were using their hands to run; almost like beasts.  She realized she was about to be attacked. They all pounced at the same time.  Their trajectory would have fallen on top of the three except Sam had an icor shield up.  They slammed against it.  They seemed enraged and clawed at the shield; saliva dripped from their fangs. 

              Their robes protect them from the sun, Rose thought.

              Sam grimaced, as if the effort of the shield was too much for him.  “They’re doing something to my shield.  It’s that one…”  Sam pointed to the biggest of them.  “He’s not a vampire; he’s something else.”

              “A demon,” said Rose. “Are they fire proof?”

              Rose could see Sam look to the ground for a moment, in thought, then he seemed to make a decision.  He looked up, tightened his grip on the staff and brough it before him.  Fire erupted from his hands and tore into their attackers.   Their clothes all caught fire, exposing them to the sun.  The vampires then exploded.  The demon howled.  It sounded like it was almost speaking.  Its blackening face pressed harder against the shield and then it turned to ash. 

              “Did it say something?” asked Sam.

              “I think it said welcome to Augmentous,” said Yurkin with a smile.

              Yurkin did not appear to be phased at all by the situation. It actually looked like he enjoyed the encounter.               “It makes sense that they might see anyone coming from the Non Augmentous realm as easy pickings… easy food, I guess,” said Rose.

“The Demon stopped my fire. I had to use the staff,” said Sam.

So magic is not going to be an effective weapon against them.

“How long will it take for your staff to recharge?”

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