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Book 1 of the Icor Tales

They Came By Night

Bathgate’s richly imagined epic fantasy series immerses the reader in a vibrant magical world whose peace has been shattered. The struggles of the people of the Ceniac Island are viewed through deeply dimensioned characters with massive battles and epic wizard duels. Victory comes from understanding what magic will allow and what it will punish. While the violence plays out there is a mystery secretly driving the war buried beneath a barren landscape where no creature lives, not even plants or insects, the ancients have buried something which will grant godlike power.

Book 2 of the Icor Tales

In the Hall of the Ancients

1500 years after the fall of the ancients with their science a medieval style civilization has arisen amid a new power made possible by the last invention of science… magic. This action packed epic fantasy series continues where the first book ended. New evils arise to join old ones. New wars must be fought. New alliances must be made. New kinds of magical creatures join forces to support or to oppose the destruction of humanity.

COMING November 2021: The Dragons Awake : Book 3 of the Icor Tales

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COMING SEPTEMBER 2021: The Dragons Awake : Book 3 of the Icor Tales

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