WW2 Flamethrower vs Wizard’s Fire

A WW2 Flamethrower would throw fire about 50-100 strides long and about half a stride wide for about 7 seconds. How does this compare with the Wizard’s fire in the Icor Tales?

WW2 Flamethrowers

In the Icor Tales, a junior fire wizard is a pathetic sight on a battle field. Their flame is a foot wide and ten strides long, lasts five heart beats and they can only fire once per day.

A normal senior fire wizard, of which there are 144 in the world, can shoot flame a stride wide and a fifty strides long. This is Sam’s flame at the battle of the central pass. They can fire once or twice a day.

Crimson wizards can have the same ferocity of a senior fire wizard but the strength has to be built by inflicting suffering. There is no limit to the number of times they can throw flame as long as they continue to create suffering.

Crimson Wizard

Unmind’s flame is said to be ten strides wide and two hundred strides long. He has been seen to throw it twice, but may not be his limit.

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