Deleted From Book 2

The Red Disease

I was told this was too complex, and too political… and I reluctantly agreed… and deleted it. The Red disease is something that Sam will have to defeat in Book 4… basically its zombies, and this is the back story for them…

Sam took a sharp intake of breath.  “So the Beast is real. What exactly is it?”

Violet momentarily chewed her lip before speaking. “In the time of the ancients, the biggest nation in the world had billions of people…”


Violet chuckled.  “Yes, billions.  They were ruled by a dictator who judged each citizen by how much their will was subsumed by his.  He even gave them a citizen score.  The less individuality they showed, the higher their score.  He soon realized that the icor could give him the opportunity to completely subdue his citizens individuality, so they would have no will of their own, no consciousness.  He believed their individuality was an illusion anyway.  So he created something called the red disease.  When people were infected with it, their consciousness was suppressed, and their body became absorbed into his.  So, he became one massive beast that contained the bodies of all his citizens.  At a whim he could send them out to do his bidding.  The beasts only objective is to absorb all mankind, to consume every consciousness.”

Sam blinked hard.  “So, there is a beast out there that wants to eat everybody in the word.”

Violet nodded.  “But the icor put a barrier around it to thwart it.  The red disease was contained… mostly.”

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