The next 60 days

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It’s going to be a busy 60 days

  1. Today: The last promos for They Came By Night Kindle version start today and end June 14th. The price is reduced to just $2.99. Practically giving it away in order to boost interest for the audible version coming soon
  2. June 10th Book 2: In the Hall of The Ancients comes back from editors, and I get to do one more rewrite before sending it for formatting
  3. June 17th : Deadline for Audible of They Came By Night (I should have it done before then)
  4. June 25th: Production begins for Audible of Book 2
  5. June 30th : The deadline for first draft of Book 3: The Dragons Awake. Beta Read program needs volunteers
  6. July 22nd: Deadline for publishers to receive Book 2
  7. July 26th: Book 2 Publishing Date
  8. July 29th: Book 3 sent to editors
  9. August 14th: Book 4 first draft due

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