Gay Characters in Fantasy

When I wrote the character of Morefield I had in mind the stereotypical Victorian British officer full of arrogance and self entitlement. I had not planned for him to be gay until I wrote his first scene and it just came out that way. I remember drawing a deep breath after writing that scene; I wondered if it was okay to have a gay bad guy. I was worried that this aspect of his character was so unplanned.

I reflected that his sexuality would actually seed a depth to his character. This came out later when we start to get hints of the abuse he suffered. His driving motivation is to be free to be himself, and to do that, he feels he needs the crown. I began to wonder if there could be a redemption for him.

In book 1 I write that ‘any abused dog will grow surly’. One theme that is important to me in all my books (published and unpublished) is that people, like dogs, can be healed with love… usually.

When my gay neighbors got married, I was overjoyed for them. It was like the jackboots had finally been lifted from their necks, and I probably embarrassed them by getting them such a big wedding present.

The idea of the jackboots being withdrawn made me think about what would happen to Morefield if he found acceptance, could he be redeemed…

Morefield and Ryandal

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