Book 2 – Milestone – Call for volunteers

That’s it! I have shipped the book to the editors. I want to thank my beta readers. Book 3 is well under way.

Would you like to help?

I need volunteers to get an early release (in pdf format) and provide me with an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads, in return I would offer :

  1. the audible version of book 1 (hopefully available in June),
  2. the official ebook version once published
  3. the audible version of book 2 when that is available
  4. if I ever sell a million you can have a signed first edition (but don’t hold your dragon’s breath)

How to volunteer…

Please just email me at with the subject “Stritz! Count me in!” or if you’re offended by Stritz then just “Gosh! Count me in!”

There are dragons. Big dragons. Fire breathing dragons. Stritz! I love dragons.

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