The Beast is Coming

There is a big beast. A final showdown. There is plenty of foreshadowing at the start of book 2.


“Tell me about your dream,” said Violet and pulled her chair closer to him.

Sam hesitated. “No one likes hearing about other people’s dreams,” said Sam.

Violet looked profoundly serious.  “Dreams can be important. Indulge me.”

“Fine,” said Sam shrugging his shoulders. “There was some creature, a hundred strides high and two hundred strides long.  It was descending down a long valley, devouring entire towns.  It was impervious to spears, swords, cannon and wizards fire, and behind it… were all manner of smaller monsters: trolls, demons, vampires.  I stood next to a hundred men, all wizards, sending huge waves of fire at it, but didn’t even singe it.  It felt like it was going to eat the whole world.”

Violet looked concerned.

“It was just a dream,” said Sam, again shrugging his shoulders.

The Beast

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