The big news is the first draft of book 2 is now complete

What I do now is take a couple of weeks away from writing before hitting the first rewrite. In those two weeks I need to do some artwork for maps, and for the cover. I also have two other books I am writing. These are non fantasy related but have been pulling my heartstrings for a while.

  1. The Hills of Orinda – Is a Romantic Comedy about a realtor in an affluent town in sunny California.
  2. Who writes the scripts – Is a dark dark mystery thriller which is a partly true story. It is a very uncomfortable read because it has scenes of violence, child abuse and murder.

Sales of “They Came by Night” have been up and down like crazy. I will need to spend some time working on promoting it.

I have been working with an actor on the audible for They Came by Night. It is coming along nicely and soon I will provide a sample on this very site.

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I just need more hours in the day.

Busy Busy Busy

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