Promo goes wild

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A lot going on. The promo for a free kindle version was very successful. Thousands of downloads. I have people getting in contact saying they really enjoyed the book, and that is wonderful.

When the promo is over I am going to price the book at 99c and leave it at that price. I will lose money, but that’s okay. The audible should come out in a couple of months, and if I have developed enough reviews and following then maybe … just maybe, I can make some money on that.

Then in September I will release book 2. And book 2 is going to be AWESOME! The characters deepen. The plot thickens. And greater world becomes an issue.

In the meantime I have to get heads down and write write write.

P.S. Someone asked me for an autograph today. My first one. That’s nice.

The Kindle Version is free until April 11th. Get it while you can!

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