The Battle of Erib Fortress

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Book 2 – The Hall of the Ancients has two major streams of events. One is the trials that Sam, Rose and Aravand must go through to confront Bestich and save mankind plus Yurkin, and the other is the defense of Erib Fortress from the combined might of Merconian and Dwarven armies who have many cannon.

I have read many books on sieges and really wanted to steal Caesar’s Battle of Alesia which is probably the most epic siege in history. However my timeline is too compressed. Everything needs to be resolved in a few months.

Also… I am SUCH a nerd. When I first read Lord of the Rings as a pre-teen I had extended arguments about what the physical attributes of Dwarven men would mean for their style of fighting… and this is going to be the crucial element in the oncoming battle.

So Book 2 has dwarves AND a dragon which were not in my initial outline.

Here is a sketch I’ve made to help guide me write out the fortress siege scenes

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