Tough day

I screwed up the promotions, and people could not buy my book in several countries. The first 28 days are crucially important for a book. If there is no traction in that time the Amazon algorithms send the book into the depths and it is tough as nails to resurrect it.

Tough Day

How did I screw up? Several ways…

  1. I set up a pre order date, and my galleys did not arrive so I had to approve publishing without actually seeing a printed version of my book. And it turns out there were formatting issues for the paperback
  2. The blurb was not catchy. It was too long.
  3. So when I went to update these things it caused the book to be taken off the market in several areas.
  4. I had over 200 people tell me they had problems trying to buy the book.

So how do I fix it…

  1. I am turning off all ads until April 7th
  2. I am reformatting to lower print costs and make it prettier and more readable.
  3. I have put together a promo for April 7th to April 11th the ebook will be free for that time.

Promising signs

  1. The honest feedback has been incredibly positive. These won’t show up as reviews for a month, but by end of April I should have an avalanche of reviews coming in from market makers
  2. Several influential blogs and publications have told me they will be doing write ups.

April will be a big month. Lots of reviews will come in. The promo will happen and maybe, just maybe I’ll crack the fantasy best sellers list again.

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