Aravand is a an unusual character. People like him and they ask me… where was he for 200 pages? As those who follow my blog know I had to trim 300 pages from my original book in order for it to be publishable. I had no problem trimming Amsten the evil wizard but I was loath to trim Aravand’s chapters.

The beta readers agreed that he was interesting but he did not push the plot forward. He was vital to understanding the humanity of the North, and also he introduces us to his brother Yurkin who becomes a central POV in book 2.

So Aravand was cut to the bone.

Another thing about Aravand that is weird is that he was written in reverse. I wrote his last chapter first, and worked my way back. The ambush scene was the first Aravand scene I wrote.

I would tell you more about him but… no spoilers.

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