Announcements and sneak peek

Don’t worry no spoilers here …

The Galley Problem – I never received the galley copies for my book, so I have never actually held my book in my hands. Copies are apparently on their way but I have had negative reader feedback on the formatting of the paperback. Based on the feedback I am going to increase the font size and decrease the trim. I expect these changes to issue on April 9th.

Marketing – Apparently I am marketing wrong. I need a newsletter, a mailing list with a sign up sheet and a list of >50 other things. So I will start on that long list.

Beta Reader Program – I am going to look at how to create a sign up sheet in wordpress. A number of people have expressed interest in being early readers and giving me feedback.

Book 2 Progress – Despite a million conflicts I’ve had some good writing sessions. I am 12,405 words done. And 8 out of 40 sections complete. The plot has shifted a little bit as some exciting new ideas developed.

Sneak Peak – Unlike Book 1, in Book 2 the action starts in the first sentence…. NO SPOILERS HERE …


North of the Splintered Isles

            The beast is coming.

Yurkin could hear the heavy shuffling footsteps. He could see the sudden cowed looks on the crew and he could sense their complete abasement.

He stood on the foredeck as far from the beast’s quarters as he could get, shivering from the cold and the fear.   The beast had reached the main deck.

Yurkin felt the stones on his necklace; there were seven of them now.  He wanted to rip the necklace off and cast it in the ocean, but just like every other time he had tried, it would not come off.  He could not pry even one stone away from his skin.

There will be pain, thought Yurkin. Now would be the time to jump. I may never get the chance again.  I would sink into the frigid depths and never feel pain again.

He felt a tingling sensation, he was on the precipice, his body could sense the honed edge of the tipping point.


He had made his decision.  He would embrace cold death, rather than face the beast again.  Just then, the beast spoke.

Zion the Siva Dragon (A new character)

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