Describing a Dragon

Book 3 – I was faced with the task of describing a dragon without just describing a dragon. Here goes …

“What the stritz was that!” said Sam ducking instinctively.

The dwarf laughed.  “Ha! You mean that great big red scaley thing with 50 foot wingspan and breath like the inside of a Turkish wrestler’s jockstrap? Why that’s Zion, a Siva Dragon, so be polite.”

“Dragons aren’t real,” said Sam eyeing the long black talons with great caution.

“Okay, then it’s a large saber toothed spaniel. Whatever you need to tell yourself to get through the night without screaming.”

“Is he…she… it… safe?”

“Oh goddess no.  There’s nothing safe about Zion, the spaniel.  You’d have to be mad to think this killing machine was safe.  He could bite your head off in the blink of an eye, and for no reason.”

Zion lowered its head bringing its green eyes and large sharp teeth level with Sam’s head. “Boo!” said Zion.

Sam yelped and stepped backwards tripping and falling on his bottom.

“He has a bit of a sense of humor too,” said the Dwarf with a big grin.

“How… I mean why… where…wh” Sam could not complete a sentence.

“My name is Lowknee and me and Zion both got trapped on the wrong side of the barrier when it glitched last month.  Any other questions?”  Lowknee offered his hand to Sam to help him up.

Sam took it, stood and brushed the dirt off his knees off. “Well… what is a Turkish wrestler, and what is a jockstrap!”

“Ha!” said Lowknee slapping Sam on the back.  “I knew I liked you the moment I saw …”

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