A wonderful writing moment …

Very minor spoiler alert…

I just had a wonderful writing moment at the end of chapter 1 book 2 of Icor tales. I had the scene planned out. King Laumas was going to surprise Princess Rose by announcing the renewal of her marriage betrothal to loathsome Duke Morefield. Princess Rose thinks he is going to announce her marriage to the boy she loves, the wizard Sam. I ended up writing something I did not plan but that just fit Rose’s strong character and makes me fall in love with the character. Here is the end of the scene…

Rose looked around urgently for Sam.  Why isn’t he here.  Surely he was sent for. Do I have to make all arrangements myself?

“The beautiful princess Rose was betrothed to Duke Morefield a year ago…”

Ugh why is he bringing that up.

“His grace, Duke Morefield, made some terrible mistakes and has confessed and is contrite.  I have decided to restore his rank, his duchy and I will keep him here at court to advise and counsel me.”  The crowd hummed with many voicing quiet disapproval.

How could he forgive treasonous Morefield?

“With his return. We are certifying the marriage banns and setting a date for the nuptials after the harvest next year.  Congratul….” Laumas turned to Rose just in time to catch her fist in his jaw.

The last thing King Laumas sees at the end of Chapter 1

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