Book 2 – Is now being split into two parts

I have learned my lesson about making the books too big to be published, so I am splitting up the segments of the epic into more manageable pieces, but this might mean I’ll need more than 5 books to complete it.

There’s just so much story to tell, the first book just pries open Pandora’s box. Book 2 has three major components: Critter Island, Sam vs Bestich, and the Siege of Eastern Isles.

Critter Island

There’s so much to resolve in just understanding and controlling the icor… then with human control of the icor, what to do with it…. it is a puzzle.

April will be a month of heavy marketing for “They Came by Night”, but also I will have book 2 in developmental edit, and will be feeding this page with new content, artwork, and gems not revealed in the book.

Busy Busy Busy

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