The Book is too BIG!

With final edits and formatting complete I uploaded “They Came By Night” and it was too big for publication. (>900 pages)

Well… what to do? Two editors (and my mother) independently advised me to delete a chapter where we are introduced to Amsten, an old evil wizard. So I deleted that chapter. Still too big.

I reduced the font from 12 to 10pt, and I reduced the spacing around new chapters, and I got rid of the illustrations (painful). Yay! I squeaked under the limit. So that’s it the paperback is live!

Buy it here!

A friend’s depiction of Sam throwing fire (by Hoang)

The kindle version is problematic, I set a launch date of April 30th and I have not yet figured how to bring it forward, but I will work on that today.

But the printing cost and distribution rights push the price to $25 which would be fine if it was a brand new Tolkien volume. I am not sure if there are people willing to pay $25 for a book these days. I guess I’ll just have to hope I can bring forward the kindle publication.

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