The Crimson Wizards Storm a Fortress

The most complex scene from a planning perspective is the storming of the Eastern Isle Fortress by the Crimson Wizards (Book 2).

Medieval Fortresses were complex defensive structures…

Brattice work

There are seven distinct phases to this military campaign.

The Merconian Beachhead. Allows Tom’s crew to get a taste of what the crimson wizards can do.

The fortress was designed for pre cannon warfare but cannons have just arrived. Oh dear.

They have time to do some preparations. I read an amazing book about a real medieval siege ( I cannot remember the name of the book). They had tunnel warfare, with some very clever devices which I have employed in book 2. The young Baron Edlerstone is a book worm who has read everything about the real medieval warfare, so he can provide handy tips to Tom’s crew.

Unlike any real siege, we get to see what difference the crimson wizards make. They can throw seemingly endless amounts of fire. They can shield themselves. They seem invulnerable, and there are so many of them. Tom has to think of something or all is lost.

I’d love to go into it more but It’ll have to wait till book 1 is published and I Can create a spoiler warned area in this site.

A Crimson Wizard

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