Drasti – The Flying Boat

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Drasti – The Flying Boat

Drasti the flying boat is introduced about half way through “They Came By Night”. It holds many secrets. It uses a combination of old science (the balloon helping it float), and the power of the icor. There are several icor chambers that look like jars hanging on the sides of the boat. It took Violet many years to make enough of the chambers to power the boat.

The Drasti can be seen cutting through the icor over the Sickening

Inside the icor has been programmed to help the inhabitants in various ways. They won’t get sick, they won’t age, and they won’t go hungry. The ships kitchen makes manna bread when it senses the occupants are hungry.

In the first book Violet hides away in secret compartments and in book two she reveals some of the secrets to Sam including “The Study” which has a pod to commune with the icor. Plus it has a library which is bigger than the boat… and YES I did indeed take that idea from the TARDIS. I’ve always wanted my very own TARDIS.

When I was a child those police boxes were still being used in England and I saw one was unlocked and ventured inside. There was a bed, a sink, and some cabinets… but to an 8yo boy it was a magic land. Fortunately the bobby did not return while I was trespassing. I modelled the bedrooms of the Drasti after what I saw in that police box.

A Real Police Box

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