The Glorious Battle

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The Glorious battle is the final battle of Book 1 [no spoilers]. The North has amassed their usual overwhelming numbers, and has the biggest, safest fortifications on the Ceniac Island. The first job for the South’s King Laumas is to persuade the North to leave their fortifications and fight on ground of the South’s choosing.

King Laumas forces the North’s Unmind to meet them by positioning his forces North of Unmind’s at the Eastern pass. From that position, if the North, don’t give battle, then the South can rampage through the North’s cities and take their meagre food supplies.

Unmind has no need to fear the South’s forces. They have half the number of soldiers, and only a small fraction have good armor, and most of their so called soldiers are hungry women and children. In addition Unmind and Bestich stand ready with improved wizards fire. Bestich has managed to create a new power necklace and put it on a young boy so he can pull power to augment that on Unmind’s necklace.

Unmind is eager to finally rid the world of all Southerners. He can ignore the tortuous pain of the power necklace to pull huge amounts of icor for his fire.

The South’s biggest advantage is that they have no choice but to win or cease to exist.

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