The Four Wizard Battle

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Just Before The Four Wizard Battle

{No spoliers}

This is going to be tricky to write with no spoilers, but I will do so. I am going to be vague.

My intent on writing this scene was to show how outmatched the protagonists are and to have a huge crucial reveal. I must admit I wrote furiously to arrive at this exciting moment. I created the scene in blender so I could map out the movements. [I cannot include the blender render without a huge spoiler].

We learn about some new tricks the icor is capable of, we see what happens when wizards’ fire meets wizards’ fire and we see how prepared Bestich is for the changing rules of the icor. The limitations of prosthetics is made clear.

I had to do a little research on what happens when a stream of fire meets a stream of fire and thank goodness for the interwebs which had some great articles on it…

Fire meets Fire

I am hoping the reader reaches the end of the battle and screams “What the hell just happened. Why! Why!” And then they turn the page to get the explanations.

One of my styles of writing is that I never want the readers questions to be unanswered for long; that is torture not suspense.

There are of course hidden mysteries.

We also learn that magic power is handily augmented by old fashioned muscles and swords.

Book two “The ancients awake” is now well under way and has a battle scene with hundreds of wizards…. I am developing the scene in blender so I can post a bunch of teasers for the book. I can’t wait to publish it (I estimate it will be available in October). It’s getting written faster than book 1 because I am having an editor look at each chapter as it is finished rather than waiting until it is all done.

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