The Battle of Demon’s Smile

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Demon’s Smile is the first battle in “They Came by Night”.

Baron Edlerstone is a great military leader. He positions his troops against a river in what looks like a mistake to the Northmen who don’t know the land well. The river looks uncrossable but the Southern militia who lack armor can ford the river and Baron Elderstone gambles that the Northmen with their new heavy armor cannot.

The area the South have chosen to fight on is a nascent ox-bow, which means that it will be marshy, muddy and difficult for armored warriors to keep their footing.

The down side is the ground negates the advantage of Duke Morefield and Duke Zenfield’s cavalry, but Baron Elderstone did not want to fight at all. He is preserving the opportunity to withdraw from battle and join forces with the king’s army at the Eastern pass. The North also have a couple of senior wizards, so tight shield formations of heavily layered shields will be required just in case fire starts being flung.

The North have two massive advantages; their new malga-metal and their vast superiority in numbers.

Fire on the river at Demon’s Smile

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