The Crimson Icor

A Crimson Wizard

At the beginning of 2018 I did my initial planning for the 5 book series – The Icor Tales. I envisioned three types of icor;

Crimson Icor: I loved the idea of a blood-red mist forming in the hands of a wizard. The reader would know ‘it’ was about to go down. The Crimson icor would derive it’s power from pain. The crimson clad wizards would descend upon a town and the screams of their victims would sound like they came from the depths of hell.

Blue And Red Battle

Blue Icor: Was supposed to be like a drug that filled people with so much joy they immediately became addicts doing whatever the blue wizards required of them in order to get their next hit.

White Icor: Is the icor we first meet in book 1 “They Came By Night”. It has balance. It believes that a life without pain has no meaning but neither does a life without joy, so it tries to balance the world with a karma like system.

Sam Draws in the White Icor

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