My Pledge To My Readers

Here is my pledge: It’s all going to make sense. I will not raise a mystery, create a puzzle, build suspense and then not provide the payoff. I WILL ALWAYS DELIVER! That’s my pledge.

J.J Abrams has a Mystery Box

I watched J.J.Abrams series Heroes and Lost. I was hooked, but, in the end they disappointed. There were so many things that did not make sense. There were so many mysteries unresolved. Abrams explained it with what he called his mystery box. He liked to promise the audience that a great mystery would be solved… and the audience would wait and wait and watch and watch and he would get richer and richer but in the end nothing got revealed, nothing got solved. At the end of his TV Series and his movies we are always given a childlike deus ex machina, it was all a dream.

This killed TV and movies for me, because whenever there was a mystery that had me hooked, I would always think: nothing is really significant, and I might wait three years only for the series to end without resolution. IT IS A BROKEN PROMISE. The result is I rarely get hooked by TV series any more and even movies don’t hook me…. well it is rare. I loved LOVED “The Boys”.

Unresolved GoT Mysteries

Game of Thrones was a mixed blessing. I knew they could not resolve all the mysteries, but I have the books. Thank God for the books.

There are a lot of mysteries to be resolved in the Icor tales books, and not all of them are solved in Book 1, but I promise they all make sense, they are all inevitable results of the cause of the fall of the ancients. In book 2 “The Ancients awake”, we got to meet more of the ancients and find out why they are underground. I will never raise a mystery just to hook the reader. I will foreshadow, and I will tease but I will ALWAYS deliver. I WILL ALWAYS DELIVER!

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