The Hero’s Journey

No spoilers here…

Sam’s Journey

I am well into planning the second book in the Icor Tales series, and today I realized what it should be called “The Ancients Awake”. I have the chapters worked out and I realized they pretty closely match the classic Joseph Campbell’s “Journey of the Hero” …

The call to Adventure
Refusal of the call
Supernatural Aid
The Crossing of the first Threshold
The belly of the whale
The road of trials
Woman as the temptress
Atonement with the father
The Ultimate boon
Refusal of the return
The magic flight
Freedom to live

These chapters mark the progress of the hero, Sam … but I like to have a similar arc for the antagonist, Bestich. So his chapters are

The Villain has his own arc

Ordinary World
Call to Adventure
Refusal of the call
Meeting with Mentor
Crossing the threshold
Tests, allies, and enemies
The Ordeal, death and rebirth

The villains journey will be intermixed with the hero’s journey.

The stakes will be a lot higher.

There will be Epic Battles

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