The ideas for “They Came By Night”

I day dreamed multiple story lines…

  1. Sam Butcheart the 13yo boy who wakes up in the night to the sound of hooves and gets whisked away to be in a battle. The heroes in battles always seem to be able to effortlessly slash and bash their way through the enemy, but this hero does not have that skill set. Sam’s too young to fight and he is small for his age. What could he do with just goodness and courage.
  2. The king who has just inherited a kingdom but is being assailed by an army so huge and so full of hate that he knows his kingdom is doomed.
  3. A warrior who just wants to stop fighting
  4. A woman who thought she could bring world peace

Only when I was forcing myself to choose a dream to write, did I realize I could join all the storylines into one big epic.

127,000 words later: They Came By Night is finished.

Current Status: Being Edited and Formatted for publication… Publisher to be determined…

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