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We meet Jark early in book 1 of the Icor Tales, but the big secret is that I wrote an unpublished book called Jark about fifteen years ago, so the character has been brewing. Jark is inspired by Marvin the paranoid android in Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy. Also he has a little C3PO thrownContinue reading “Jark”

The Wheel of Time

It was many moons ago I read this series. I both loved and hated it. Jordan provided some great world building, and constructed a series of protagonists that I was happy to inhabit. The big bad antagonist was never described in detail. His powers, his desires, his arc were never clear, which made him bothContinue reading “The Wheel of Time”

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I see on my metrics people are finding this post which was my first and I don’t know how they are seeing it…. I can’t find it on my site…. Anyhoo, the Beta read period is over. It is now published.

Thank you for all the kind words and reviews. You guys are the reason I got published. Love you!

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